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Professional software to extract real email addresses from the largest websites. Extract emails according to your field of activity.

B2B Extractor | Emails Box included



Custom Emails

Set the keywords according to your field, so that you will only get emails from the category targeted by you.

Fast extracting

Fast email extracting. This software is optimized and can extract thousands of emails every hour.

Email sources

Compatible with largest websites:
Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Tripadvisor.

Easily discover important functions

Extract real and filtered email addresses from the largest sites

Extract email addresses according to your field of activity

Private proxies included, don't worry about additional costs

Automatically save emails to your computer in various text files

Automatic filtering of email addresses and keeping only valid ones

After payment, you will receive software and license by email in a second

Package & Pricing Plan

Standard Package


per year

Premium Package


per year

VIP Package






Frequently asked questions

Here are the most popular questions from buyers.

1. How good are the extracted email addresses?

Email Box Software has an intelligent algorithm that filters invalid or unusual email addresses, so that all extracted email addresses will be 100% valid.

2. What is the source of these email addresses ?

As you can in the software interface, we have 5 sources for extracting email addresses, Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Google search, TripAdvisor.
Emails are saved in different text files on your computer.

3. How does it work technically?

Emails Box Software, uses advanced functions to detect emails on the page and extract them. It include multi-thread and private proxies for fast and safe scraping.

4. Are there any additional costs?

After purchasing a package, you will receive by email the software download link and your license key. There will be no additional cost in the future. You can use the software immediately.

5. What can these email addresses be used for?

Whether you have a real estate business, car rental, or something else. You can extract email addresses according to your field of activity, using links and keywords for your niche. Then you can contact potential customers directly by email.

6. What support is included?

If you are our customer, you have support included for any questions or concerns + free software updates in future.


Contact us, if you have any questions

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